• Migrated content from hallajs.net

    I have “again” allowed my hallajs.net domain to expire and I’ll only be maintaining inu.io as of now. I’ve also migrated the content of hallajs.net here (although, I have to admit, it took a very long time). This site is now running on Middleman instead of Ghost :)

  • PPTP Client on OpenWRT

    PPTP Client on OpenWRT Refresh the OpenWRT’s repository opkg update PPTP client installation opkg install ppp-mod-pptp kmod-pptp kmod-nf-nathelper-extra reboot OpenWRT network configuration config interface 'PPTP_VPN' option proto 'pptp' option server 'pptp.server' option username 'myusername' option password 'mypassword' option defaultroute '0' # not using as default route option peerdns '0' # not using the dns servers (Optional) Adding static routes for connection via your VPN

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  • Upgraded Ghost on OpenShift

    I’ve upgraded my Ghost installation on OpenShift to 0.4.2 now and I thought I’d share the steps here, just in case if anyone ever needs it as a reference. Clone your existing OpenShift repository: git clone <openshift_repository> <path> Change directory to the checkout path: cd <path> Add the Ghost OpenShift quickstart repository: git remote add ghost_openshift https://github.com/openshift-quickstart/openshift-ghost-quickstart.git Pull the latest changes from it:

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