• Moving back to hallajs.net

    Migrated this back from inu.io to hallajs.net for now and keeping it hosted under GitHub Pages. I suppose I’m trying to split the functionalities of both environments again, oh well. At least had the chance to use GitHub Actions to deploy this static page with Hugo, so that’s that.

  • Fedora Kickstart for Openbox

    For a while now, I’ve been installing Fedora either through the netinstall method, or using the server’s ISO to install just the base OS before setting up Openbox during the first boot. However, after the recent OS reinstallation that I had, I wondered if it’s actually possible to have an ISO ready for me, with just the change I need and after reading around, I found Kickstart and that’s helped me to archieve this goal.

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  • pptpd on Fedora 23 Cloud Edition on DigitalOcean

    Well, I finally did it. I was bored and decided to setup PPTPD on my DigitalOcean’s VM and let my OpenWRT router connect to it. This allows me to tunnel using DigitalOcean and enjoy a slightly better international bandwidth via it. The current downfall that I see is that I had to drop my MTU to 1000 in order to get my speed optimized. I’ll still be fiddling around with it to see what works best, but below are the steps done in order to archive it.

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