• Upgraded Ghost on OpenShift

    I’ve upgraded my Ghost installation on OpenShift to 0.4.2 now and I thought I’d share the steps here, just in case if anyone ever needs it as a reference. Clone your existing OpenShift repository: git clone <openshift_repository> <path> Change directory to the checkout path: cd <path> Add the Ghost OpenShift quickstart repository: git remote add ghost_openshift https://github.com/openshift-quickstart/openshift-ghost-quickstart.git Pull the latest changes from it:

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  • Yet another Greenplum Interconnect error

    I’ve faced yet another Greenplum Interconnect error with the following error: "ERROR","58M01","Interconnect Error: Could not connect to seqserver. (seg0 slice1 gpslave1:40000 pid=14231)","Connection refused (connect errno 111)" After doing tons of checks on the gpslave1 server itself, nothing was found to be problematic. Ping shows reply, telnet to the ports shows active and no errors could be found. Finally, on the master itself, I tried to ping the configured host of the master and it returned 127.

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  • Nicer font in Fedora 20

    Okay, to start this off - I’m actually a Crunchbang user. Recently my laptop’s hard disk died and while waiting for a replacement, I decided to revive an older laptop of mine and give Fedora a try. I would say that everything was perfect, well - “almost” but I simply hated the font! That prompted me to go on a journey to get the font fixed. Browsing around and I start to notice that I was not the only one with issues.

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