Okay, to start this off - I’m actually a Crunchbang user. Recently my laptop’s hard disk died and while waiting for a replacement, I decided to revive an older laptop of mine and give Fedora a try.

I would say that everything was perfect, well - “almost” but I simply hated the font! That prompted me to go on a journey to get the font fixed.

Browsing around and I start to notice that I was not the only one with issues. There are tons of complaints out there about the font rendering on Fedora. I did however found one that was promising, and I gave it a try.

sudo rpm -Uvh http://www.infinality.net/fedora/linux/infinality-repo-1.0-1.noarch.rpm
sudo yum -y install freetype-infinality fontconfig-infinality libXft-infinality
cd /etc/fonts/infinality/
sudo ./infctl.sh setstyle linux
sudo fc-cache -fv

Once, I’ve done all of those and fired up a new terminal, the font was just lovely! Exited my Firefox browser and there you have it, my Gmail is back to it’s beautiful self!

Oh, of course I’m still running Openbox with it :)